2-Component VOC compliant (<420 g/l) clearcoat based on new acrylic polyurethane copolymer resin technology, specially designed to crosslink at room temperature or under low-bake conditions with aliphatic polyisocyanates. It is particularly recommended for performance automotive coating to be used in clear over base system.

The Aurora Universe 2:1 VOC Clear is one of the best car paints to offer comprehensive UV protection and incredible high gloss surface and gloss retention. It has great durability and hardness as well as impressive resistance to chemicals and corrosive weather.
The Aurora Universe is also VOC compliant and is great for overall, panel and spot repairs whilst maintaining excellent buffability. It is one of the rare care paints that is both flexible yet tough when it needs to be.

User friendly, fast drying and very easy application

Low spray viscosity with high build content

Comprehensive UV protection

Chemical and weather resistance

High gloss surface

Excellent gloss retention and good intercoat adhesion

High hardness

Can be used for overall, panel and spot repair

Excellent buffability

VOC compliant, confirm with directive 2004/42/EC