2-Component clearcoat based on new acrylic polyurethane copolymer resin technology, specially designed to crosslink at room temperature with polyisocyanates. It is particularly recommended for high performance automotive coatings, to be used in clear over base system.

Aurora Ceres is meant to be applied to gives your car a quick cover up and dry up solution.
The Aurora Ceres 2:1 Express Dry Clear is mostly used to quickly cover up and smoothen out bumps and edges due to minor accidents. As the name suggests, it can quickly help with touching up a car, saving you precious time instead of having to wait for the car to be patched up for days or even a week.
The Aurora Ceres also comes with excellent chemical and weather resistance while maintaining perfect gloss retention and non-yellowing properties.

User friendly, easy application with good flow properties

Good hardening rate

Chemical and weather resistance

Exceptionally fast drying

Excellent gloss retention and non yellowing properties

Excellent buffability

Can be used for panel and spot repair